Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: I've heard that payday loans are very expensive. Is this true?

A: Not really. On a loan of $75 we charge $5. For a loan of $200 we charge $15. Finally, for a loan of $250 we charge $25.

Q: How much will you let me borrow?

A: You can borrow up to $250 with us. For more than $250 we can't charge any interest, so we don't offer it.

Q: How do I reloan?

A: Just submit your online banking statements via the screen capture utility and we'll send you a new contract. You'll also have to tell us how much you want to borrow, which is an option in the screen capture program.

Q: Can a cosigner or guarantor sign with me?

A: No, and there's no reason you would want that anyway.

Q: How can I pay this loan back?

A: You'll pay by ACH (Automated Clearing House) which is like an online check.

Q: Is there a cooling off period between loans?

A: No, you can borrow right away if you want to.